Mosbach, Marius; Stenger, Irina; Avgustinova, Tania; Möbius, Bernd; Klakow, Dietrich 2.0 – Calculating Linguistic Distances and Asymmetries in Auditory Perception of Closely Related Languages

Proceedings of the International Conference on Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing (RANLP 2021), INCOMA Ltd., pp. 968-977, Held Online, 2021.

We present an extended version of a tool developed for calculating linguistic distances and asymmetries in auditory perception of closely related languages. Along with evaluating the metrics available in the initial version of the tool, we introduce word adaptation entropy as an additional metric of linguistic asymmetry. Potential predictors of speech intelligibility are validated with human performance in spoken cognate recognition experiments for Bulgarian and Russian. Special attention is paid to the possibly different contributions of vowels and consonants in oral intercomprehension. Using 2.0 it is possible to calculate, visualize, and validate three measurement methods of linguistic distances and asymmetries as well as carrying out regression analyses in speech intelligibility between related languages.