Job Openings

Collaborative Research Center (CRC) 1102 / Sonderforschungsbereich (SFB) 1102

“Information Density and Linguistic Encoding”
Saarland University, Germany

post-doctoral and  doctoral positions available


The DFG-funded CRC in Information Density and Linguistic Encoding (SFB 1102) is pleased to invite applications for a range of post-doctoral and doctoral positions. The overarching research question the CRC addresses is to what extent Information Theory can contribute to a unifying model of language use, variation and change. Against this background, language is viewed from the perspective of (bounded) rational communication, according to which interlocutors strive to modulate the encoding of their messages so as to (i) successfully convey their intended message, and (ii) optimize their cognitive effort.

The CRC includes 17 research projects drawing upon psycholinguistics/neurolinguistics, computational linguistics, diachronic sociolinguistics, phonetics, discourse and contrastive linguistics and translatology with their respective empirical methods, ranging from computational language modeling to experimental and corpus-based methods. We are seeking to recruit post-doctoral researchers and  doctoral students.

Please contact for more informaiton. Please indicate which project(s) you wish to apply to by stating the project number(s).