Job Openings

Project B3 „Information Density and Ellipsis Redundancy” (Principal investigators: Ingo Reich, Heiner Drenhaus and Robin Lemke)  is inviting applications for a postdoctoral researcher position (E13 TV-L, duration of employment: June 30, 2026, 100 % of standard working time.).

The postdoctoral researcher’s tasks include the planning and conduction of experiments as well as the statistical analysis and presentation of the experimental results.
The project investigates why and under which circumstances speakers use ellipses in coordinations. Building on information theoretical concepts, the project focuses on predictability effects driven by both linguistic and extralinguistic context, interactions between speaker and hearer as well as memory limitations, which might determine the choice between elliptical and non-elliptical utterances. To investigate the impact of these factors on ellipsis production and comprehension, B3 uses self-paced reading, production and acceptability rating experiments (both web- and lab-based) and eye-tracking.

Details regarding the position and the application process can be found here: