Le Maguer, Sébastien; Steiner, Ingmar

Uprooting MaryTTS: Agile Processing and Voicebuilding

Trouvain, Jürgen; Steiner, Ingmar; Möbius, Bernd;  (Ed.): 28th Conference on Electronic Speech Signal Processing (ESSV), pp. 152-159, Saarbrücken, Germany, 2017.

MaryTTS is a modular speech synthesis system whose development started around 2003. The system is open-source and has grown significantly thanks to the contribution of the community. However, the drawback is an increase in the complexity of the system. This complexity has now reached a stage where the system is complicated to analyze and maintain. The current paper presents the new architecture of the MaryTTS system. This architecture aims to simplify the maintenance but also to provide more flexibility in the use of the system. To achieve this goal we have completely redesigned the core of the system using the structure ROOTS. We also have changed the module sequence logic to make the system more consistent with the designer. Finally, the voicebuilding has been redesigned to follow a continuous delivery methodology. All of these changes lead to more accurate development of the system and therefore more consistent results in its use.