Fischer, Andrea; Jágrová, Klára; Stenger, Irina; Avgustinova, Tania; Klakow, Dietrich; Marti, Roland

An Orthography Transformation Experiment with Czech-Polish and Bulgarian-Russian Parallel Word Sets

Sharp, Bernadette; Lubaszewski, Wiesław; Delmonte, Rodolfo (Ed.): Natural Language Processing and Cognitive Science, Ca Foscarina Editrice, Venezia, pp. 115-126, 2015.

This article presents the methods and findings of a computational transformation of orthography within two Slavic language pairs (Czech­Polish and Bulgarian­Russian) on different word sets. The experiment aimed at investigating to what extent these closely related languages are mutually intelligible, concentrating on their orthographies as linguistic interfaces to the written text. Besides analyzing orthographic similarity, the aim was to gain insights into the applicability of rules based on traditional linguistic assumptions for the purposes of language modelling.