Karakanta, Alina; Przybyl, Heike; Teich, Elke

Exploring variation in translation with probabilistic language models

Lavid-López, Julia; Maíz-Arévalo, Carmen; Zamorano-Mansilla, Juan Rafael;  (Ed.): Corpora in Translation and Contrastive Research in the Digital Age: Recent advances and explorations, 158, Benjamins, pp. 308-323, Amsterdam, 2021.

While some authors have suggested that translationese fingerprints are universal, others have shown that there is a fair amount of variation among translations due to source language shining through, translation type or translation mode. In our work, we attempt to gain empirical insights into variation in translation, focusing here on translation mode (translation vs. interpreting). Our goal is to discover features of translationese and interpretese that distinguish translated and interpreted output from comparable original text/speech as well as from each other at different linguistic levels. We use relative entropy (Kullback-Leibler Divergence) and visualization with word clouds. Our analysis shows differences in typical words between originals vs. non-originals as well as between translation modes both at lexical and grammatical levels.