Ibrahim, Omnia; Yuen, Ivan; Xue, Wei ; Andreeva, Bistra; Möbius, Bernd

Listener-oriented consequences of predictability-based acoustic adjustment

Baumann, Timo (Ed.): Elektronische Sprachsignalverarbeitung 2024, Tagungsband der 35. Konferenz (Regensburg), TUD Press, pp. 196-202, 2024, ISBN 978-3-95908-325-6.

This paper investigated whether predictability-based adjustments in production have listener-oriented consequences in perception. By manipulating the acoustic features of a target syllable in different predictability contexts in German, we tested 40 listeners’ perceptual preference for the manipulation. Four source words underwent acoustic modifications on the target syllable. Our results revealed a general preference for the original (unmodified) version over the modified one. However, listeners generally favored the unmodified version more when the source word had a higher predictable context compared to a less predictable one. The results showed that predictability-based adjustments have perceptual consequences and that listeners have predictability-based expectations in perception.