van Os, Marjolein; Kray, Jutta; Demberg, Vera

Recognition of minimal pairs in (un)predictive sentence contexts in two types of noise

Proceedings of the 43rd Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society (CogSci), pp. 2943-2949, 2021.

Top-down predictive processes and bottom-up auditory processes interact in speech comprehension. In background noise, the acoustic signal is degraded. This study investigated the interaction of these processes in a word recognition paradigm using high and low predictability sentences in two types of background noise and using phonetically controlled contrasts. Previous studies have reported false hearing, but have not provided insight into what phonetic features are most prone to false hearing. We here systematically explore this issue and find that plosives lead to increased false hearing compared to vowels. Furthermore, this study on German for the first time replicates the overall false hearing effect in young adults for a language other than English.