Mogadala, Aditya; Mosbach, Marius; Klakow, Dietrich

Sparse Graph to Sequence Learning for Vision Conditioned Long Textual Sequence Generation

Bridge Between Perception and Reasoning: Graph Neural Networks & Beyond, Workshop at ICML, 2020.

Generating longer textual sequences when conditioned on the visual information is an interesting problem to explore. The challenge here proliferate over the standard vision conditioned sentence-level generation (e.g., image or video captioning) as it requires to produce a brief and coherent story describing the visual content. In this paper, we mask this Vision-to-Sequence as Graph-to-Sequence learning problem and approach it with the Transformer architecture. To be specific, we introduce Sparse Graph-to-Sequence Transformer (SGST) for encoding the graph and decoding a sequence. The encoder aims to directly encode graph-level semantics, while the decoder is used to generate longer sequences. Experiments conducted with the benchmark image paragraph dataset show that our proposed achieve 13.3% improvement on the CIDEr evaluation measure when comparing to the previous state-of-the-art approach.