Staudte, Maria; Crocker, Matthew W.

On the role of gaze for successful and efficient communication

Eye-tracking in Interaction: Studies on the role of eye gaze in dialogue, John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2018.

Speakers tend to fixate objects they are about to mention, while listeners inspect those objects that they believe to be intended referents of the speaker. These production- and comprehension-contingent gaze behaviors may form an integral part of the signal itself, making it inherently reciprocal.

Here, we present work that has investigated the interplay of gaze and language and assessed the role of speaker gaze for language comprehension as well as the utility of listener gaze for an instruction giver. Both lines of research make use of artificial interaction partners which increases experimental control while maintaining a dynamic interactive setting. Thus, the reciprocal nature of situated dialogue becomes a tractable aspect in the enterprise of dealing with human (gaze) behavior.