Avgustinova, Tania; Iomdin, Leonid

Towards a Typology of Microsyntactic Constructions

Corpas-Pastor, Gloria; Mitkov, Ruslan (Ed.): Computational and Corpus-Based Phraseology, Springer, Cham, pp. 15-30, 2019.

This contribution outlines an international research effort for creating a typology of syntactic idioms on the borderline of the dictionary and the grammar. Recent studies focusing on the adequate description of such units, especially for modern Russian, have resulted in two types of linguistic resources: a microsyntactic dictionary of Russian, and a microsyntactically annotated corpus of Russian texts. Our goal now is to discover to what extent the findings can be generalized cross-linguistically in order to create analogous multilingual resources. The initial work consists in constructing a typology of relevant phenomena. The empirical base is provided by closely related languages which are mutually intelligible to various degrees. We start by creating an inventory for this typology for four representative Slavic languages: Russian (East Slavic), Bulgarian (South Slavic), Polish and Czech (West Slavic). Our preliminary results show that the aim is attainable and can be of relevance to theoretical, comparative and applied linguistics as well as in NLP tasks.