Explaining individual variation in referential choices through cognitive modeling - Speaker: Petra Hendriks

Explaining individual variation in referential choices through cognitive modeling

Petra Hendriks

University of Groningen

A challenge for many accounts of linguistic reference is the observation that language users vary considerably in their referential choices, such as the choice between a definite expression and an overt pronoun in English or between an overt and a null pronoun in Italian. Part of the variation that is observed among and within language users and across tasks may be explained from variation in the cognitive resources available to speakers and listeners, such as working memory capacity, processing speed and perspective taking abilities. In this talk I will present the results of a series of cognitive modeling studies of reference production and comprehension that we carried out within the cognitive architecture ACT-R (Adaptive Control of Thought-Rational). Through computational simulations, it can be investigated how cognitive constraints interact with linguistic constraints and discourse prominence in adults and children, and how this interaction may give rise to variation in their reference production and comprehension.


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