Measuring and Modeling Prosodic Variation - Speaker: Petra Wagner

Measuring and Modeling Prosodic Variation

Petra Wagner

Universität Bielefeld,Fakultät für Linguistik und Literaturwissenschaft

Optimization-based models view phonetic (including prosodic) variation as the outcome of a process balancing production effort and perceptual clarity, or rather, listener and a speaker-oriented constraints. In my talk, I will re-assess a number of empirical studies we carried out in the past year, and see how far their outcomes can be reinterpreted from an optimization-based account. These studies touch upon typological aspects of prosody production, aspects of stylistic variation and aspects of integrating multimodal information. Lastly, I will discuss how we can assess how listeners may deal with this balancing of production effort and perceptual clarity and how these insights may inform speech technological applications.

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