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ANNIS Workshop (postponed) – Places available!

In linguistics we often need to reconcile diverse kinds of language data comprising annotation on different linguistic levels. A tool to search and visualize such data is ANNIS, „a web browser-based search and visualization architecture for complex multilayer linguistic corpora with diverse types of annotation“. To gain an insight into the complex architecture of ANNIS we will offer a one-day workshop.

The workshop will start with a general introduction to the public ANNIS installation explaining the surface, different possible types of annotations and ways of querying different corpora. In a second block we will also get familiar with the local ANNIS version (ANNIS kickstarter) and the pepper framework in order to use ANNIS on our own laptops and how to import our own corpora into ANNIS. In hands-on exercises there will be time to practice the query language on your own data.

Some places are still available! If you would like to register, please get in touch with Pauline Krielke:

Time: Postponed until further notice
Place: UdS Campus, Building A2.2, Konferenzsaal