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C1: Workshop @ Interspeech 2023


„Limits and benefits of information-theoretic perspectives in spoken communication“
Interspeech 2023 Satellite Workshop, Dublin, Aug 19, 2023

Organized by Bistra Andreeva, Omnia Ibrahim, Bernd Möbius, Ivan Yuen (all Saarland University), and James Whang (Seoul National University)

Information-theoretic factors have been identified and used to account for fine-grained phonetic variations in speech, as rational speakers and listeners can adapt speech to be efficient in transmitting information. As conversation unfolds, the distribution and density of information changes over time. It is therefore important to consider to what extent, and how, interlocutors track and predict these informational updates, which in turn guide linguistic and phonetic encoding. The workshop brought together researchers examining the limits and benefits of information-theoretic perspectives in dynamic spoken communication contexts, in both human-human and human-computer interaction.

Abstracts of presentations are available at the workshop website at