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Inaugural Colloquium Phase II, February 18 2019


Scientific Colloquium (Campus, C7.4, Konferenzsaal)

11:00: Arrival and registration

11:30: Grußworte / Welcome
1. Martina Sester, Vice-President of Research and Technology Transfer
2. Susanne Reichrath, Commissioner of the Minister-President for Universities, Science and Technology
3. Heinrich Schlange-Schöningen, Dean of Faculty P

11:45: Opening of the scientific colloquium by Elke Teich (Speaker of SFB 1102)

12:00: Information-theoretic optimization in human language comprehension, production, and structure“Roger Levy (Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT)

13:00: Lunchbreak in the foyer of building C7.4

13:45: „When you open the menu after leaving the restaurant – Finding Surprisal in the P600“ Harm Brouwer ( Project A1)

14:15: „Towards an optimal code for scientific communication“, Stefania Degaetano-Ortlieb (Project B1)

14:45: „Investigating information-theoretic effects in spoken language“, Tracy Yu Chen (Project C4) and James Whang (Project C1)

15:15: Coffee break

15:45: Poster Session

16:45: „On the natural distribution of „some“ and „or“: consequences for theories of scalar implicature”, Judith Degen (Department of Linguistics, Stanford University)

17:45: End of the scientific colloquium

Evening event at UdS Aula (A3.3)

18:00: Reception

19:00: Dinner

Musical accompaniment by a string quartet