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PhD Day

The First SFB 1102 PhD Day

(a colloquium organized by the PhD students of SFB 1102)

Location: Graduate Center (Campus, C9.3)

Date: 5 February 2016


10:00 Welcome

10:15 Eva Horch (B3)

Article missing? Corpus and information-theoretic approaches to article omission in German

10:45 Merel Scholmann (B2)

Predictions of upcoming discourse structure based on “On the one hand”

11:15 Simon Ostermann (A3)

Project A3: Mapping texts to scripts

11:30 Lunch

13:00 Irina Stenger (C4)

Cyrillic script intelligibility in reading intercomprehension among Slavic languages

13:30 Klara Jagrova (C4)

Adaptation towards a target language: the potential of improving intercomprehension of Polish for Czech Readers

14:00 Coffee Break

14:15 Andrea Fischer (C4)

MDL-based modeling of regularity in parallel linguistic sequences

14:45 Robin Lemke (B3)

Sentential or not? Some experiments on the syntactic information encoded in fragments

15:15 Discussion

16:00 Wrap-up + Reception