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First anniversary of SFB 1102

On the occasion of its first anniversary, SFB 1102 will be hosting a science slam and Halloween dance party for Saarland University’s PhD students on October 30.


Science Slam

16:00    Welcome Slam from the “birthday child” – SFB 1102

Prof. Dr. Elke Teich (Speaker of SFB 1102)

16:10    SFB 1102: Information Density and Linguistic Encoding

Mirjana Sekicki & Christine Ankener (PhD students, Project A5: Distributing Referential Information across Modalities)
“Prediction is not crystal ball gazing”

Clayton Greenberg (PhD student, Project B4: Modelling and Measuring Information Density)
“A new language model architecture”

David Howcroft (PhD student, Project A4: Language Comprehension and Cognitive Control Demands)
“Steering while Hearing”

Alessandra Zarcone (Postdoc, Project A2: Script Knowledge for Modelling Semantic Expectation)
““How to feed a dog?” or the rules of script knowledge”

16:30    GRK 2021 European Dream-Cultures

““The Dreamers”– Who we are and what we do (besides dreaming)”

Prof. Dr. Christiane Solte-Gresser (Speaker of GRK 2021)
Jonas Nesselhauf (associated PhD student)
Mert Akbal (associated PhD student)

16:45    Coffee break

17:15    IGK 1864: Diversity. Mediating Difference in Transcultural Spaces

Svetlana Seibel (PhD student, North American Literary and Cultural Studies)
““Personal Totems”: Indigenous Popular Culture in North America”

17:20    SFB 894: Ca2+signals: Molecular Mechanisms and Integrative Functions

Prof. Dr. Jens Rettig (Speaker of SFB 894)
“Ca2+signals: Molecular Mechanisms and Integrative Functions”

Hawraa Bzeih (PhD student, Project A10: Molecular mechanisms of maturation, Ca2+-dependent fusion and endocytosis of lytic granules)
“Cytotoxic T lymphocytes, the killers of our immune system”

Viktoria Götz (PhD student, Project A18: GnRH-induced Ca2+ signals in pituitary go- nadotrope cells)
“Central control of reproduction: from the brain to the gonads – and back”

17:35    Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland

Hanzey Yasar (PhD student, Drug Delivery)
“Trojan horses as needle-free vaccine delivery against influenza”

17:40    SFB 1027: Physical Modelling of Non-Equilibrium Processes in Biological Systems

Prof. Dr. Dr. Karsten Kruse (Theoretical Biological Physics)
“The zombie principle”

Nicolas Thewes (PhD student, Experimental Physics)
“Biology meets physics to study bacterial adhesion”

Sarah Klein (PhD student, Theoretical Physics)
“Tug-of-war game: When small motors pull fat cargos”

17:55    SFB/TRR 14: Automatic Verification and Analysis of Complex Systems

Prof. Dr. Holger Hermanns (Dependable Systems and Software)
“When pigs are sweating”

Halloween Party

Location: Graduate Center (Campus, Geb. C9.3) Time: 19:30 – open end

Entrance free of charge!

Snacks & Drinks will be provided for a small price.

Feel free to bring your spouse, children and best friend with you! A costume is highly recommended!