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Posters and talks by members of the SFB1102 @ICHL25!

Various members of the SFB1102 will present their posters and talks at this year’s „25th International Conference on Historical Linguistics
at the Faculty of Linguistics, Philology, and Phonetics at the University of Oxford from 1 to 5 August 2022!

The following posters and talks will be presented:

Poster: Relative Clause Adjacency as a Characteristic of 18th Century German by Sophia Voigtmann and Katrin Ortmann

Poster: Word formation patterns reflecting discipline-specific communicative needs in scientific writing throughout the 20th century by Katrin Menzel

Talk: A phylogenetic model of trade-offs in strategies for determining ‚who did what to whom‘ by Annemarie Verkerk, Luigi Talamo and Natalia Levshina

Talk: A global phylogenetic test of over 150 putative typological universals by Annemarie Verkerk, Hannah Haynie, Simon Greenhill, Olena Shcherbakova, Hedvig Skirgård and The Grambank Consortium