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Reviewing Workshop (Feb 13th)

Workshop: Reviewing (Feb 13, in English)

In this workshop, we will look at the question of what makes good and bad reviewing. Reviewing is an essential part of an academic’s life, just like teaching and writing papers, and yet, it is rarely approached systematically. This workshop will do exactly that.

We will look at existing reviewing guidelines and possible shortcomings thereof. Then, in groups, the participants are encouraged to discuss examples and exchange their own experiences. Prof Bernd Möbius will present the view of publishers and editors and in a panel discussion, Prof Dietrich Klakow, Prof Bernd Möbius, and Prof Annemarie Verkerk will discuss „hot topics“ and questions from the participants.

The workshop will be in English and will take place on February 13, 2020, 13h-16h in building A2.2 (Konferenzsaal). For further details, including a full schedule, go here. To register, please drop a message to the SFB coordination at