Przybyl, Heike; Lapshinova-Koltunski, Ekaterina; Menzel, Katrin; Fischer, Stefan; Teich, Elke

EPIC UdS – Creation and applications of a simultaneous interpreting corpus

Proceedings of the  13th Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2022), pp. 1193–1200, Marseille, France, 20-25 June 2022, 2022.

In this paper, we describe the creation and annotation of EPIC UdS, a multilingual corpus of simultaneous interpreting for English, German and Spanish. We give an overview of the comparable and parallel, aligned corpus variants and explore various applications of the corpus. What makes EPIC UdS relevant is that it is one of the rare interpreting corpora that includes transcripts suitable for research on more than one language pair and on interpreting with regard to German. It not only contains transcribed speeches, but also rich metadata and fine-grained linguistic annotations tailored for diverse applications across a broad range of linguistic subfields.