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Inaugural Colloquium


Scientific Colloquium (Campus, C7.4, Konferenzsaal)

10:00: Arrival and registration

10:30: Grußworte / Welcome
1. Annette Groh, Head of the Department Science, Universities, Technology of the State Chancellery of Saarland
2. Astrid Fellner, Vice-President for European and International Affairs
3. Dietrich Klakow, Dean of Faculty 4

10:45: Opening of the scientific colloquium by Elke Teich (Speaker of SFB 1102) (presentation slides)

11:00: Language for communication: language as rational inference“, Ted Gibson (Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT) (presentation slides)

12:00: Lunchbreak in the foyer of building C7.4

13:00: „Script-based surprisal: evidence from event-related potentials”, Francesca Delogu (Projekt A1) (presentation slides)

13:20: „The processing of predictable events in a script context”, Ekaterina Kravtchenko (Projekt A3)

13:40: „Information density in scientific text – methodological considerations”, Hannah Kermes (Projekt B1) (presentation slides)

14:00: „On the information conveyed by discourse connectives”, Vera Demberg (Projekt B2) (presentation slides)

14:20: „The relationship between information rate and speech rate in several European languages”, Zofia Malisz (Projekt C1) (presentation slides)

14:40: Coffee break

15:00: SFB 1102 Poster Session

16:00: Processing efficiency shapes language: natural languages have lower than expected information density”, Florian Jaeger (University of Rochester)

17:00: End of the scientific colloquium

Evening event at Saarbrücken Castle

19:00: Reception

20:00: Welcome
1. Susanne Reichrath, Commissioner of the Minister-President for Universities, Science and Technology
2. Volker Linneweber, President of Saarland University
3. Elke Teich, Speaker of SFB 1102

20:30: Dinner

Musical accompaniment by a string quartet (Katharina Ginkel, Luise Kopp, Johanna Vogler, Marco Agnetta)