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Workshop “Data mining and its use and usability for linguistic analysis”

At this workshop, we aim to bring together people from data mininglanguage modelinglinguistics and digital humanities to further enhance collaborations between these fields.


09:00-09:20    Elke Teich and Stefania Degaetano-Ortlieb, Welcome and Introduction (presentation slides)
09:20-10:00    Jon Dehdari, An Overview of Language Modeling and its Applications (presentation slides)
10:00-10:40    Dietrich Klakow, Practical applications for language models(presentation slides)

10:40-11:10    Coffee break

11:10-11:50    Peter Fankhauser, Observing Surprisal through the blurry lense of Language Models (presentation slides)
11:50-12:30    Jilles Vreeken, Mining Sequential Patterns (presentation slides)

12:30-13:30    Lunch

13:30-14:10    Steffen Koch, Trends and Topics: How visual approaches foster synergetic effects by combining linguistic analyses and interactive exploration (presentation slides)
14:10-14:50    Stefan Evert, A multivariate approach to linguistic variation and distribution (presentation slides)

14:50-15:20    Coffee break

15:20-15:40    Project B1, Information Density and Scientific Literacy in English (presentation slides)
15:40-16:00    Project B3, Information Density and Fragments in German (presentation slides)
16:00-16:20   Project C4, Modeling mutual intelligibility between Slavic languages (presentation slides)

16:20-17:30    Discussion